You can donate to support research or patient treatment programs at Oasis of Hope Hospital/Contreras Cancer Fund or help us support all of our other cancer programs at Cancer Aid and Research Fund. Other programs include shipping containers of medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics that treat cancer and other related diseases and support other charities that share a similar mission. 

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Dr. Francisco Contreras

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Oasis of Hope Hospital

The mission at the Oasis of Hope is to provide integrative and alternative cancer treatments to improve the quality of the physical, mental, and spiritual lives of our patients. People from all over the world travel to Oasis of Hope for their compassionate cancer treatments. Cancer Aid &Research Fund has supported the research and patient treatment programs for over 20 years.

​Hope through Research
The research at the Oasis of hope is unique because we focus on understanding the patients need. There is a direct connection from the medical literature to the medical practices. All alternative and integrative cancer treatments are substantiated by clinical research.

Hope through Education
A key feature to our therapy at the Oasis of Hope is that we insure that our patients have a reasonable understanding of the rationale behind their therapies. Every week, Oasis of Hope patients are encouraged to attend lectures, nutritional classes, questions and answer session. At these educational sessions, patients and companions will be able to hear firsthand about their alternative or integrative cancer treatments. Companions can also ask any staff physicians and medical scientists any questions they might have about their disease or their therapy.

Hope through Care
​Therapy at the Oasis of Hope is tailored for the needs of each individual patient. Teams of doctors and health care professionals work together in order to provide compassionate and specialized alternative or integrative cancer treatment care.

Calling from USA:Toll Free: 1 (888) 500-HOPE Fax: (619) 690-8410
Calling from other countries:Ph.: 52 (664) 631-6152 Fax: 52 (664) 631-6154