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Dr. Max Gerson

Dr. Francisco Contreras

Oasis of Hope Hospital

The mission at the Oasis of Hope is to provide integrative and alternative cancer treatments to improve the quality of the physical, mental, and spiritual lives of our patients.

​Hope through Research
The research at the Oasis of hope is unique because we focus on understanding the patients need. There is a direct connection from the medical literature to the medical practices. All alternative and integrative cancer treatments are substantiated by clinical research.

Hope through Education
​A key feature to our therapy at the Oasis of Hope is that we insure that our patients have a reasonable understanding of the rationale behind their therapies. Every week, Oasis of Hope patients are encouraged to attend lectures, nutritional classes, questions and answer session. At these educational sessions, patients and companions will be able to hear firsthand about their alternative or integrative cancer treatments. Companions can also ask any staff physicians and medical scientists any questions they might have about their disease or their therapy.

Hope through Care
​Therapy at the Oasis of Hope is tailored for the needs of each individual patient. Teams of doctors and health care professionals work together in order to provide compassionate and specialized alternative or integrative cancer treatment care. 

​ Calling from USA:
Toll Free: 1 (888) 500-HOPE Fax: (619) 690-8410
Calling from other countries:Ph.: 52 (664) 631-6152 Fax: 52 (664) 631-6154


Cancer Support Groups . . .A vital link in the healing process.

Cancer support groups provide the vital link between patients with cancer and the emotional, financial, and spiritual support needed to endure their often times life-threatening experience. One-to-one programs provide vital educational information for the prevention and treatment of cancer. CARF provides funding for various qualified cancer support groups. 

​The Gerson Therapy: Healing ‘Incurable’ Diseases

The Gerson Therapy is a state of the art, contemporary; holistic and natural treatment which utilizes the body’s own healing mechanism in the treatment and cure of chronic debilitating illness. The Gerson approach to wellness was originally developed by Max Gerson, M.D. in the late 1920’s and refined by his empirical observation and careful experimentation over the course of 30 years of clinical practice. After he died in 1959, his daughter Charlotte continued his work, establishing the non-profit Gerson Institute in 1976 to continue to develop and enhance Gerson’s protocol through continued treatment, research and observation.

​Through the efforts of the Gerson Institute and its allied practitioners, thousands of patients have been treated using the Gerson Therapy protocol for a variety of diseases over the last twenty years. Hundreds of long-term remissions of otherwise terminal diseases have been documented, including a number of patients by Gerson himself in the 1940s and 1950s, still healthy and active as much as fifty years after their original diagnosis. For additional information:

​The Gerson Institute
​ The Cancer Curing Society
​(619) 585-7600email:

​“With generous high quality nutrition, increased oxygen availability, increased metabolism, and improved detoxification, the cells — and the body — can regenerate, become healthy, and prevent future illness. With the immune system reactivated, the body can heal itself.”Max Gerson, M.D.
“I see in Dr. Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history.”— Albert Schweitzer, M.D.

In programs and services, CARF directs it's efforts and resources towards supporting programs, clinics, and hospitals that teach the public about and provide methods for treatment of cancer.

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